Month: April 2012

Blyve Beta – Details/Instructions

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Well, if you’re reading this you’re probably really special. We’ve invited a few select folks to give us a try during our beta phase. As mentioned in the email I sent out earlier today (Monday, April 30th), there are a few things to keep in mind:

To get started, go to: (you can sign in with your old G-Snap username if you had one…although you have to re-connect your Facebook/Twitter accounts).

There are a few known issues we are working through:

1) Strongly recommend using Firefox/Safari/Chrome (versus IE7-9) until we do our full launch
2) Mobile Event Viewer isn’t fully optimized for small screens (works well on an iPad)
3) Embedded Widget: a) Templating doesn’t apply to our embedded widget quite yet (although you can create templates) b) scoreboard doesn’t show up
4) Localization issues with previous (migrated) G-Snap events

Most importantly, due to the fact that we are early in our beta, there’s a chance we’ll have to reset things.  While this might not happen, keep in mind that the testing you do is just that…testing.  So don’t run an event that you don’t mind losing.  We’ll let you guys know when the light is green.

Looking forward to your feedback! If you see anything strange, please let us know.


PS. If you’d like another demo, let me know.