Month: June 2012

Beta Feature/Bug Update – June 14

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Happy Thursday everyone,

We’ve been working hard on a variety of bug fixes and new features that are now live.  Here’s the update.

New Features:

  • Filtering is now in place for the live stream, pending stream, Blyve viewer (if hosting on Blyve), and most importantly, the embedded widget.
  • We have implementing a pause stream feature to help you manage the influx of pending and twitter comments. Now, when you put your mouse over either stream, you’ll notice the flashing “stream paused”.  The idea here is that when you tell us you’re actually working on the stream, we’ll keep it paused.  After a few seconds of inactivity, we resume…just in case you accidentally leave your mouse there.  This is pretty complicated stuff so let us know how it works and if there are any little details we missed.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug on the embedded widget where trusted users replying to questions see a blank screen when clicking “back to event”
  • Quite a few IE7/8 bug fixes (more coming)
  • You now have the ability to remove a theme once you’ve assigned it to an event (currently requires a refresh on the page where the live event is hosted…fix coming soon for that as well)
  • When selecting more over a Twitter comment, you can now see that Twitter’s user profile (used to render empty page)
  • There are many other little bugs addressed that will help with overall reliability

That’s about it for now folks…hope you’re liking what you see.


Beta Update – June 2

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Hey everyone! Our beta is moving along quite nicely. We have been working hard on our bug list as well as a few new features. We’ll detail those out for you in the next week. Our goal is to make the next several weeks the end of the period where events are just for testing purposes. We can’t wait to see your actual events. Thanks for all the feedback so far. It has been a tremendous help getting us to our launch. #grateful