Month: July 2012

Custom Stats Feature

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OK folks…this has been fixed. Scoreboard away.

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Hey sports fans. We’re working on an issue regarding the custom stats module that’s available for sporting events. A few of you (thanks Keith!) have reported this to us. There an issue that’s causing some performance problems that we’re working through. We hope to have a fix by end of weekend.

Apologies for the inconvenience but for now, I would encourage you all not to use it. 😦

Stay tuned…

Direct from the Blyve Developement Desk…

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Hey folks, just a quick update here from your friendly Blyve developers.  We’ve been sifting through our feedback (thank you) and we’ve quickly turned around a new feature.  It’s now possible to start an event immediately.  Yippee!


Premium users:  we’ve also fixed a quick bug around the ticker code.  The ticker code wasn’t displaying after creating your event but it should be there for you now.

Thanks again for the feedback.  🙂

-The Blyve Team

Post Launch Report

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Well, Blyve is out and running well. We’re really excited to see things working well. Over the past few days we have been hard at work catching the little things that we either missed or decided to get to just after launch. Here’s a quick list of updates:

  • Comments by moderators now say (moderator). Same for trusted contributors.
  • We released the initial version of our mobile viewer.
  • Cleaned up a little around our Facebook/Twitter integration for guest commenters. They can now successfully register with either service and use their social profile photos.
  • Increase the performance of our Twitter feed – man, it’s fast.
  • Fixed the size of the uploaded media previews within the Template Manager.
  • Made some improvements to the performance of the Ad Manager as well as removing the ad sizes under the media ads (good feedback convinced us that you guys can take care of your own ad sizes)
  • Fixed minor edge cases all over the place
  • Also, if for some reason you become disconnected from Blyve, you will now be prompted with a message asking you to reconnect.
  • Lots of IE7 fixes. Should be fairly stable. That said, we hope, ask, and pray you all upgrade from IE7. If not for us, for world peace.

That’s it for now. Until the next time. Keep the feedback coming. We’re working hard here to bring you the best social live event platform on the market.

-The Blyve Team

Blyve 2.0 Launched

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We are excited to announce several pieces of big news today: our new name, our new 2.0 platform, a brand new website, and new subscription plans.

Effective today, we are now called Blyve. Why the name change? Admittedly, it was time for a change that not only reflects our growth but more clearly communicates who we are and what we do. At Blyve, our goal is to enable brands and publishers to leverage the moment and be live during events. Blyve is currently in beta but ready for you and others to come in and run your kive events. Come and join Kelby Media Group, the Los Angeles Times, and many others who enjoy using today’s most powerful live event platform.

Blyve 2.0 Platform

Blyve’s new 2.0 platform offers ultimate real-time technology that can truly develop deeper connections between you, your customers, and your advertisers simultaneously around live events. Our 2.0 platform was re-built entirely from the ground up using the latest internet technologies to improve the experience for all uses.

Exciting new features include:

  • Revamped moderator experience
  • Upgraded Facebook and Twitter features
  • Increased rich media integration: added support Vimo and the new iPad along with YouTube, Vimeo, Flickr, yfrog, and Twitpic.
  • Enhanced embedded widget with live video
  • Adaptive interface for large and small screen alike
  • Improved commenting: Edit, Delete, Reply, Save for Later, and more
  • Upgraded templating elements to match your brand identity
  • New Dashboard to welcome logged in users

For more information, check out our Blyve Features Page.

New Website and Subscription Plans

All these exciting changes can be experienced via our brand new website at Here, you will also learn about our brand new subscription plans.

So many great changes! Anything I need to do?

By the time you receive this update, Blyve will be live, and your user account (including past events run on our old service, G-Snap) will have migrated. Events previously embedded into your website will auto-magically update to the new Blyve embedded widget. Here are a few more things you might need to do:

  • If you previously connected your G-Snap account with Facebook or Twitter, you will need to re-enable that on Blyve.
  • If you were using the G-Snap WordPress plugin, you will need to remove that plugin and install in the Blyve plugin via the WordPress plugin gallery located here:

Learn More

Check out the following resources for more information:

Thank you everyone. We are looking forward to your next Blyve event!

Blyve in Space…sorta

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Be sure to check out a great post on KSLA’s website about our co-founder Rich Garcia going to space…well…sorta.  The whole event was covered live on Blyve.

KSLA Story:

Beta Update – July 2

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Howdy folks.  We’re almost there.  Our transition from G-Snap to Blyve is almost here.  We are targeting sometime before end of week.

In the meantime, we have made several enhancements over the past few weeks:

  1. Image previews for uploaded media are a) larger in the live stream and b) support the new iPad 3 size (2048×1363).  Woohoo!  Oh, the Flickr size is also slightly larger.
  2. Pause stream: several weeks ago we introduced a pause stream function into the pending stream and twitter stream columns.  Unfortunately, it was causing a few issues so we scaled it back a bit.  Now, the stream only pauses when you are either replying to a comment or editing a comment.  In the end, we think this will be a more intuitive flow for everyone.  But don’t think we’ve given up.  Oh no…there’s plenty of exciting research happening in engineering land.
  3. Bug fixes: 
  • Trusted Twitter users now appear in the live stream.
  • Additional IE 7 fixes (still many more to come)
  • Ads now automagically appear within the Ad Manager module.  Since I can hear you asking what this means, if you create new ads from the Dashboard and apply it to the current schedule, you won’t need to refresh your browser.  Die refresh die.
  • Fixed a whole bunch of themeing bugs that our friends in LA kindly brought to our attention.
  • Truncated (geek speak for shortened) the comments within the comments module (and in a few other places) to ensure long comments/questions don’t overtake the interface.
  • Removed filtering comments from the embedded widget (user interface didn’t sit well with us).  We’re going to put this back into research mode and come out with something twice as nice.
  • Pending comment stream: when filtering on questions, URLs will no longer appear as questions.  Smart stuff I tell ya.

Well, I think that’s it for now.  Prior to launch, we’re working on some code optimization goodies.  It’s not quite a feature but it’s a function that will make your features go faster.  On that note…