Month: August 2012

Lots of new fixes are up and running…

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Here’s a list of what’s been keeping us up at night…that’s now fixed and live:

  • Polls:  when completing a poll and entering a comment.  If someone were to vote, the moderator’s view would switch to results and you’d lose your comment.
  • Ad Manager: streaming first ad.  When streaming your first ad, it would appear one time before it was supposed to.
  • Live stream: when someone has been demoted from co-moderator or trusted user, their comments no longer have their previous attribution, ie, comment by bob (trusted user) will no longer say “(trusted user)”.
  • Pause stream:  when you edit, reply or click on more, which ever stream your on will be paused in order to enable you to enter your reply.  Once you click submit or cancel, the stream will resume.
  • Pagination: when you go back in time to older messages (by clicking “older” or “oldest”), the stream will be paused for you.  And just so that you know that activity is happening, the “newest” button will actually track the number of messages that you’ve missed since you were checking out older comments.  So, it’ll look like this “newest (10)” for 10 new comments.  We tried to come up with an elegant solution for paginating and informing you of new comments.  We hope you like.  Oh, these changes apply to the live stream and pending stream on the console and to all customer experiences (whether hosted on Blyve or embedded).
  • Timezones: there were some funky issues around timezone preventing people from rendering pages correctly but that has been resolved.
  • Inviting co-moderators and trusted users:  if you decide to invite someone to be a co-moderator but they’re already a trusted user, you will now be prompted before we switch them for you.  The same applies for inviting a trusted user who’s already a co-moderator.
  • Mobile: added increased support for high res and low res phones (and increased the size of the pagination buttons for you big thumbed folk…ok, I’m one of them).

Note:  there is an outstanding issue around inviting moderators and trusted users but we’re working on that.  Hope to have it resolved in the next few days.

Thanks everyone for your outstanding feedback and patience.

-The Blyve Team