Month: September 2012

New Updates are Now Live

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Hello everyone!  Just a quick blog post with a few feature announcements as well as an update on our iPhone 5 day.

First, let’s take a quick peek at our new features:

  1. When an event is over, the order of the event is reversed to make it easier of visitors who want to watch a “replay” of the event.
  2. Live polls rotate every 30 seconds to enable viewers to vote on all available polls, increasing your engagement.
  3. If you use the Ad Manager, you can now delete ads that have been inserted.
  4. Fixed issues around “weird characters” showing up in messages pushed to Facebook and Twitter.
  5. Whole bunch of other fixes and optimizations.

In terms of our iPhone 5 day, we had an issue with frankly more traffic than we expected.  To that end, we discovered that it wasn’t necessarily the traffic that was the cause of the issue but rather a configuration issue.  That said, we have fixed our configuration issue and added additional capacity as well so we feel fairly confident that we’re good to go.  In the future, as things continue to grow at the rate they are, we are investing in additional dynamic scaling for large event days.  This is very exciting stuff.

Lastly, there have been a few folks dealing with not being able to connect to events (as attendees or moderators).  We have spent a tremendous amount of time trying to isolate the issue and thankfully, we think we have a solution.  We have lots of monitoring in place to see if the issue resurfaces and will be checking on a regular basis to ensure this is truly fixed.  Thanks to everyone who reported the issue and for the debugging you have provided us.

-The Blvye team