Month: October 2012

Hot off the Press: Multiple Replies Now Live!

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Happy Monday everyone,

OK, we know it’s Monday but we’re excited to announce our latest release!  We’ve been working hard over the past month on a variety of features that just didn’t make it into our launch a few months ago.  So what’s new?  Here’s the scoop:

  1. Multiple Replies:  as a moderator, you can now have multiple replies to the same comment.  This is a big deal when you have multiple moderators as it enables a whole new level of interaction.  You can also add multiple replies from the live stream as well.  Note: for Tweets, multiple replies work best from the live stream.  We’re working on finding a way to make this work from the Twitter stream but it’s quite a challenge.

    10/29 Update: We now have multiple replies for Twitter working!  We also gave trusted contributors the ability to reply to any message (since you know, you already trusted them).  Huge kudos to the engineering team on this one.

  2. New design for embedded widget footer:  we have completely redesigned the footer of our embedded widget.  Our primary goal was to make it more user friendly and easy on the eyes.  We hope you like it.  Here’s what you can now do:
  • Easily share the event with a custom message to both Facebook and Twitter
  • Invite friends via email
  • Filter messages by media, polls, moderator comments, tweets, and questions
  • Change the font size if what the moderator has picked is too big or small
  • Subscribe to an RSS feed of the moderators events

3.  Username profile links:  visit any user by entering their profile like this:”username” (no quotes)

4.   Bug Fixes:

  • links within status updates are now clickable
  • bunch of Twitter optimizations
  • view more tweets, available in the more menu on a tweet, now works by launching a new search query for “more tweets by @username”
  • better scrolling on mobile
  • …and many more.

Until next time folks.  Thanks again for all the great suggestions.

-The Blyve Team