Month: January 2013

Blyve is Officially Out of Beta!

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Here’s the press release that went out earlier today announcing that Blyve has officially moved out of beta.  A big thank you to our friends below for being a part of the release.  We’re excited to work with you all.  For those who couldn’t make it in time, we’ll try again in the near future.

Of course, a huge thank you for everyone who made this official release a possibility.  You definitely know who you are.

-Ramsey @ Blyve

No fireworks, stadiums, or actual designer talent were used to stage this incredibly fake launch party.
Unnecessary disclaimer: No fireworks, stadiums, or design talent were used to stage this incredibly fake launch party.  

Blyve, a Silicon Valley company providing a real-time marketing platform for live events, announces the launch of the new Blyve 2.0 platform. Blyve is designed specifically for companies looking to grow customer engagement, increase brand awareness, and develop new brand advocates.

“We’re excited to announce Blyve 2.0 after several months of active beta testing with leading companies such as Walgreens, Collective Bias, the University of Delaware, the Arena Football League, and many others,” said Ramsey Ksar, GM & VP of Product for Blyve. “Blyve 2.0 delivers on our goal of being the ultimate real-time marketing platform for live events. When coupled with our upgraded feature set and brand new user interface, customers are seeing measurable increases in their customer engagement.”

Key new features within the Blyve 2.0 platform include:

Real-Time Live Event Platform 
Revolutionary real-time communication is core to Blyve’s new live event platform. Blyve 2.0 is built with the latest in real-time technology removing traditional issues with lag, antiquated polling techniques, or page refreshing, ensuring event attendees are never left waiting. Blyve’s powerful new platform can easily and quickly scale to meet the most demanding customer needs in order to give the confidence needed to focus on creating the best possible live event experiences.

Creating Customer Engagement 
Within Blyve 2.0, it’s now even easier to engage audiences. Blyve 2.0 offers enhanced curation and moderation tools, moderated Q&A with multiple moderator replies, polling/surveys, advanced templates including customized CSS to match brand identities, custom ad technology to serve coupons and special offers from event sponsors, as well as a wide variety of rich media support (Ustream, YouTube, Vimeo, Flickr, Twitpic, Instagram and more) to create visually interesting, engaging content.

Leverage Existing Social Media Strategies 
Giving customers the ability to leverage their existing social media strategies is a key aspect of the Blyve platform. As with previous versions, customers can connect their corporate Facebook and Twitter accounts to invite fans and followers to join their live events. With version 2.0, many more features have been socially enabled including pushing specific messages, sending Twitter at replies, an improved widget to search and curate Twitter, announcing new polls, Q&A, and much more. When it’s all put together, quickly embedding a Blyve event, theme-ing it to match a customer’s brand identity, and integrating it with existing social strategies and social channels that already work, Blyve enables their customers to create unprecedented levels of customer engagement.

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