Month: February 2013

5 Reasons to Use Blyve to Liveblog Your Next Event (Versus Live Tweet)

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We’re often asked over here at Blyve about the difference between liveblogging and live tweeting.  We thought we’d share a couple thoughts as to why you should liveblog your next event with Blyve versus trying to live tweet.

So, first things first.  Liveblogging is not a replacement for Twitter or Facebook. Say what?  That’s right people.  We see liveblogging with Blyve as an experience custom tailored for live events that compliments and integrates tightly with those social platforms.  Now that we’ve totally blown your mind (and seemingly now need to peel you off of the ceiling), the question remains.  What specifically will you and your customers/liveblog attendees get from a liveblog that is not possible with live tweeting?  Here are 5-ish reasons to use Blyve to liveblog your next event:

1) FOCUS: A live blog can be embedded directly within your website, surrounded by your brand, marketing copy, monetization, etc.  It is this environment, along with your witty live event commentary, that your audience is engaged and able to focus on what you have to say.

2) ENGAGEMENT: There’s a lot of potential engagement within a Blyve liveblog.  You can reply to your audience’s comments or questions, they can vote in polls, view media, click on your custom coupons/ads, ask questions to topical experts you’ve invited…to name a few ways.  With a Blyve liveblog, they are confident that their comments are being seen/read.

3) MANAGEMENT: recruit people to help cover your live event. If there are a lot of attendees and you can also invite co-moderators to help you process though viewer comments and Tweets.

4) SOCIAL INTEGRATION: Liveblogging with Blyve provides with deep social integration with both Facebook and Twitter. As we said earlier, we do not suggest abandoning either of those services.  Rather, leverage all the work you’ve put into growing your fan/follower base as a means to recruit people into your liveblogs.  Throughout the Blyve experience, there will be plenty of opportunities to practice this social integration.  From pushing select comments, replies, polls, and more, your Facebook and Twitter fans will be reminded as often as you’d like to join your liveblog.

140 Character Police5) EXPRESSION: live blogging is as an opportunity to truly “write”. Without the 140 character restriction of Twitter, more professional and enjoyable content is within reach.  Oh, now would be a good time to take the headband off as you should no longer be excessively sweating for fear of  being punished by the 140 character police.

Ok, and now the 5-ish part of the 5 reasons, said in one breath:  a Blyve liveblog is completely “themeable” to match your brand identity, you can insert custom ads/coupons from your sponsors, you can take RSVPs which send out reminder alerts just prior to your event, easily embed/upload all sorts of reach media (live video, video clips from YouTube/Vimeo, flickr, instagram, to name a few), and much more.  Wait a minute…hmmm…is that the idea of a Tweet?  What you can say within one breath?  Oof, I guess I would have just #failed Tweeting 101.

Well, I/we hope you enjoyed our thoughts on why Blyve is ideally suited for your next live event.  If you have any thoughts or comments, we’d love to hear from you!  In the meantime, sign up Blyve today and join the thousands of other livebloggers who use Blyve to cover their live events.


Disclaimer: a few of the thoughts mentioned above were influenced by a great article written a few years ago by Matt Thompson @ Poynter.