Month: March 2013

Twitter Module Updated to Meet Twitter’s 1.1 API

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Hey everyone – a quick update today.  We have just updated our Twitter Search/Account module to be compliant with Twitter’s 1.1 API (which is now being enforced).  The result is pretty minimal from a day-to-day perspective.  Here’s the scoop:

  • If you’ve previously connected your Blyve account to Twitter, then you won’t notice any changes.
  • If you haven’t connected to Twitter, then the next time you run a live event and open the Twitter module, you’ll be asked to connect to Twitter before searching or adding a Twitter account.  This interim step is a one time thing where you ‘set it and forget it’.  This isn’t necessarily the best possible user experience but it’s unfortunately what’s required by Twitter.

Thanks everyone…until next time.

-Ramsey @ Blyve

PS.  If you want to be a super geek, you can read about Twitter’s 1.1 API here:

4 New Features: Dropbox, New User Experience, Module Update, and Tickers 2.0

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We’ve just released 4 new features that make hosting a live event as simple, effective, and powerful as possible.

1. Dropbox Media Upload
To start, we’re kicking things off with Dropbox. Watching the media upload progress bar reach 100% can be as slow and painful as watching grass grow. So, we’ve made integrating media into your live event simple with Dropbox. Now, event moderators can pre-upload event media and with just one click, add media immediately during a live event.

Image 1: About to add a media file from Dropbox

2. New User Experience
The new user experience design is cleaner and more modern helping event attendees quickly engage by syncing their Facebook or Twitter accounts. For attendees who desire to opt out of syncing with social media, they can now upload a personal profile picture and voilà, their event avatar profiles are complete.

Image 2: An upgraded new user experience

Image 3: Easily add an avatar as attendee

3. Module Layout
We understand the importance of maximizing your workspace to produce the best possible event and this is evident in our new module layout. During a live event, the module can be minimized while tool icons remain visible. Furthermore, if you start your event with a small browser, the modules will be automatically minimized for you.  As Goldilocks and the Three Little Bears would say, this module layout is “just right”.

Image 4: Minimize modules to maximize space

Image 5: Modules minimized give you quite a bit more real estate

4. Tickers 2.0
For our premium users out there, don’t think we forgot about you!  As you know, embed codes can be tedious to update and manage per event, especially when your events were embedded into the same page.  As a result, we gave you the ability to have a single ticker that could be used to cycle through events.  With tickers 2.0, hosting live events has never been more simple as now you can have multiple tickers!  Just as before, you can assign an event to a ticker when you create a new event.  But now, rather than just a yes/no, you can assign events to more than just a single ticker.  With our new ticker 2.0 feature with multiple ticker support, you can truly “set it and forget it!”

Image 6: Setting an event to an existing ticker or a new one

Image 7: Manage your Tickers

These new features are certain to improve your audience engagement and help you seamlessly integrate media into your live event.