Month: August 2013

A few worthy product enhancements…

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We hope everyone is having a nice Wednesday.

If you follow our blog, we don’t typically talk about small updates and tweaks to the platform.  But today, for some strange reason, I felt the need to blog about a couple new updates.  They felt worthy.  We hope you like the updates.  We sure do.

In this week’s worthy list…

  • Performance update: dramatically increased the performance of a new comment, especially when a template is applied on the embedded widget.
  • Interface update: we have added a transition animation to new messages as they come in.  This gives it a bit more of a slick/modern feel (admittedly, overdue).
  • RSVP flow: when you RSVP for an event, you won’t be asked to RSVP again if you show up to the event before it’s live.  You can simply join the event.
  • Live Boards beta update: for our enterprise users, we continue down the beta path for LiveBoards (btw, a huge shout out to the Arena Football League for trying it out last week  OK, now the update.  If your embedded Live Board doesn’t fit well within the space you’ve allocated for it, we now do our best to help you out on the fly.  Keep in mind, you also have the option to use the responsive embed code if that’s how your site is constructed.
  • Sports fans: last but not least, we increased the number of custom stats that can be tracked within our SportsTracker module (was 10, now up to 30 for premium users).

If you like these updates please retweet, Facebook Like, or simply comment on this post.  It’s your feedback that helps us prioritize these nifty little updates.  By the way, if you’d like to trial our Live Boards feature, contact us via the form below.

-The Blyve Team

Now Live: SEO Mode for Blyve Enterprise Customers

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Have you ever wanted your Blyve Live Events indexed by Google?  Well, good news!  For our enterprise customers, we have just launched our SEO mode that can be enabled with just a few steps (via our new global options page for enterprise accounts).  Why would you want to enable SEO Mode?  Well, simply put, all the content from your Blyve live events will help boost your SEO scores.  Neat stuff, eh?



If you’re interested in learning more, please contact us below and we’ll give you all the details.