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Ask Your Blyve Questions Live 3/31 & 4/2

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Blyve's Q&A Features & Pricing Plans

Join us for a live demo of Blyve’s newest Q&A features on Monday 3/31 9am Pacific or Wednesday 4/2 at 2pm Pacific. Our CEO, Ramsey Ksar (@ramseyk), will be reviewing all the latest features, answering your questions and offering those in attendance an exclusive offer for signing up for Blyve this month. We look forward to chatting with you! Register today as space is limited.

Features to be discussed:

  • How to Host an Interactive Q&A Session with Multiple Panelists
  • Redesigned Q&A Panel for Trusted Users
  • Q&A Replies with Media
  • Better Statistics and Reporting
  • New Pinning Feature – Pin to the Top
  • New Live Map of All Attendees
  • LiveBoards -A Second-Screen Produced Event
  • Pay-as-you-go Pricing
Special Offer:
Those who attend will be eligible to receive a limited time offer of an additional 500 pay-as-you-go viewers.  Offer only applies to new Blyve Blogger or Producer customers.

Eventbrite - Live Q&A, Live Blogging & Live Chat with Blyve

Randy Ksar
Social Strategist

Live Blogging #marchmadness with Blyve

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We are super excited about the NCAA Basketball tournament that starts today (Thursday). Blyve is the perfect solution for live blogging the games and re-creating that in-person basketball fan experience within your website.

Whether you are a sports blogger or leading your team’s fan club, Blyve can help report the game and more importantly create an engaging conversation with your fans/followers/community.  Here are the most used features that Blyve producers use when live blogging a sporting event and specifically #marchmadness games:

Scoreboard & Custom Stats  with Blyve:


Of course, what live blog would not be complete without knowing what the score is? When you create your event make sure to select the event type as “Basketball” and you will see the scoreboard and custom stats module on the left-hand column. As the game goes along update the score and period (pre-game, 1st half, half-time, 2nd half, final).

As for the stats there are quite a few blank rows to work with depending on what stats you want to put in.  Whether it is shooting precentage, 3rd pt percentage, # of slam dunks, # of fouls, timeouts left, etc…enter those stats and display them on your Blyve event. Note: If you are creating real-time graphics of stats you can always add that within your live stream and then “pin to top”.

Live Stream, Polls & Twitter Curation with Blyve:

Blyve - Moderator Dashboard View

Reporting the game minute by minute is easy with Blyve. Here are the top ways to publish content to Blyve:

  • Login to your Blyve event via your computer, smartphone or tablet phone, enter the latest game updates and hit enter (remember to select Facebook and Twitter to publish to your authenticated accounts too)
  • To get all your tweets with a certain hashtag, just add your Twitter account to your Blyve event as a trusted contributor as well as the hashtag you want Blyve to curate on.
  • Search for game tweets from fans, sports analysts, commentators or even mascots and curate them into your live stream. Great way to add original, timely content to your live stream in addition to what you are seeing on TV.
  • Any content you find on YouTube, Instagram, Vine, Flickr can be added and previewed within the live stream. Great for those that are searching for real-time content on those networks, easily grab the link and add it as a comment within the live stream.
  • A great way to engage with your Blyve event attendees is via a poll especially with games that are coming down to the last second. Polling questions like: Is UCLA going to win this game? Is Tulsa going to upset UCLA?  You get the point, you can add in polling questions ahead of time or spur of the moment depending on what is happening with the game and your schedule.

Pay As You Go Pricing with Blyve:

Released earlier this week, pay as you go is a great option for those doing a smaller number of events per year.  For example, if you are a NCAA March Madness blogger and you focus on a particular team, we would recommend you choose the pay as you go option. The one number you will need is how many unique viewers are estimated to view your Blyve event. Think about your anticipated traffic and how you are going to market the event. In addition, if you have done online events on your website that is great data to use in buying the right number of unique viewers for your events.

Need help in choosing the right plan and estimating the number of unique viewers you need? Contact us.

Good luck with your brackets!

Randy Ksar
Social Strategist

Blyve’s new billing system goes live!

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We are excited to announce that our new billing system is now live!  You can now provision your own account and pay for Blyve directly within your “My Account” page with a credit card.  Once you’re there, you’ll notice we also introduced a new “Pay As You Go” model.  This will help quite a bit for those of you out there who do events only every once in a while.  Once you pick up a block of users, they are yours to keep until you use them.  Pay as you go users never expire.

We have also shifted the plans around a bit so be sure to check out your “My Account” settings for the latest and greatest.  We hope this goes a long way in improving your overall experience with Blyve!

New users:
Existing users: (you need to be signed-in)

-The Blyve Team

Twitter Optimizations Now Live

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Hello Blyverati,

Just a quick note from your friends at Blyve.  

Over the past few days, Twitter has been sending us duplicate Tweets, as many of you have reported, which has caused some unanticipated frustration.  Unfortunately their documentation states that applications like ours “must tolerate duplicate statuses…”.  Well, since this was the first time this happened in over 5 years, we decided now is the time to do something about it…and quickly.  

So, effective immediately regardless of what Twitter sends us, we now remove duplicates on your behalf. Additionally, we have introduced a few optimizations to improve overall performance in regards to Twitter.  Within your “event settings” module you will see a “Twitter Options” setting.  Once you open that, you’ll see an option to “Show retweets”, if you desire.  By default this is turned off as retweets (typically) add very little value to events as they occupy valuable real estate in both the Twitter Search and Pending Stream columns.  


For the feature trackers out there, we used to have an option to show/hide retweets but it wasn’t very effective as the Tweets were still being pushed to your browser.  Now, those too are filtered out.  So if you follow a lot of Twitter accounts within your Blyve events, you should see a much cleaner, speedy interface (including those who search on popular terms).

Finally, we optimized a few other things around the pending stream (for those of you with popular events).  We are now caching comments requiring less calls to our servers, which in turn should increase the overall efficiency of your browser’s performance.

In the end, most of these changes should be transparent.  Usually we don’t mention these types of enhancements as they should typically go unnoticed and “just work”.  In this case, we thought we should let you the details as the issue was consumer facing and rather unpleasant.

That’s it for now.  Let us know how things are working, k?

Talk soon…