Blyve’s new billing system goes live!

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We are excited to announce that our new billing system is now live!  You can now provision your own account and pay for Blyve directly within your “My Account” page with a credit card.  Once you’re there, you’ll notice we also introduced a new “Pay As You Go” model.  This will help quite a bit for those of you out there who do events only every once in a while.  Once you pick up a block of users, they are yours to keep until you use them.  Pay as you go users never expire.

We have also shifted the plans around a bit so be sure to check out your “My Account” settings for the latest and greatest.  We hope this goes a long way in improving your overall experience with Blyve!

New users:
Existing users: (you need to be signed-in)

-The Blyve Team


One thought on “Blyve’s new billing system goes live!

    […] Released earlier this week, pay as you go is a great option for those doing a smaller number of events per year.  For example, if you are a NCAA March Madness blogger and you focus on a particular team, we would recommend you choose the pay as you go option. The one number you will need is how many unique viewers are estimated to view your Blyve event. Think about your anticipated traffic and how you are going to market the event. In addition, if you have done online events on your website that is great data to use in buying the right number of unique viewers for your events. […]

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