New Feature! Download Event Messages

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Good news!  You can now download all the messages within a specific event!  Simply go to the Manage tab on the Dashboard home, click on “show stats”, and then you’ll see the download area where you can select messages or stats.  When you select messages, you’ll receive a CSV file of your mesages (this also includes URLs to photos as well as replies).  We hope you find this useful!

-The Blyve Team

Ask Your Blyve Questions Live 3/31 & 4/2

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Blyve's Q&A Features & Pricing Plans

Join us for a live demo of Blyve’s newest Q&A features on Monday 3/31 9am Pacific or Wednesday 4/2 at 2pm Pacific. Our CEO, Ramsey Ksar (@ramseyk), will be reviewing all the latest features, answering your questions and offering those in attendance an exclusive offer for signing up for Blyve this month. We look forward to chatting with you! Register today as space is limited.

Features to be discussed:

  • How to Host an Interactive Q&A Session with Multiple Panelists
  • Redesigned Q&A Panel for Trusted Users
  • Q&A Replies with Media
  • Better Statistics and Reporting
  • New Pinning Feature – Pin to the Top
  • New Live Map of All Attendees
  • LiveBoards -A Second-Screen Produced Event
  • Pay-as-you-go Pricing
Special Offer:
Those who attend will be eligible to receive a limited time offer of an additional 500 pay-as-you-go viewers.  Offer only applies to new Blyve Blogger or Producer customers.

Eventbrite - Live Q&A, Live Blogging & Live Chat with Blyve

Randy Ksar
Social Strategist

Blyve’s new billing system goes live!

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We are excited to announce that our new billing system is now live!  You can now provision your own account and pay for Blyve directly within your “My Account” page with a credit card.  Once you’re there, you’ll notice we also introduced a new “Pay As You Go” model.  This will help quite a bit for those of you out there who do events only every once in a while.  Once you pick up a block of users, they are yours to keep until you use them.  Pay as you go users never expire.

We have also shifted the plans around a bit so be sure to check out your “My Account” settings for the latest and greatest.  We hope this goes a long way in improving your overall experience with Blyve!

New users: http://blyve.com/plans
Existing users: http://blyve.com/account/plan (you need to be signed-in)

-The Blyve Team

Twitter Optimizations Now Live

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Hello Blyverati,

Just a quick note from your friends at Blyve.  

Over the past few days, Twitter has been sending us duplicate Tweets, as many of you have reported, which has caused some unanticipated frustration.  Unfortunately their documentation states that applications like ours “must tolerate duplicate statuses…”.  Well, since this was the first time this happened in over 5 years, we decided now is the time to do something about it…and quickly.  

So, effective immediately regardless of what Twitter sends us, we now remove duplicates on your behalf. Additionally, we have introduced a few optimizations to improve overall performance in regards to Twitter.  Within your “event settings” module you will see a “Twitter Options” setting.  Once you open that, you’ll see an option to “Show retweets”, if you desire.  By default this is turned off as retweets (typically) add very little value to events as they occupy valuable real estate in both the Twitter Search and Pending Stream columns.  


For the feature trackers out there, we used to have an option to show/hide retweets but it wasn’t very effective as the Tweets were still being pushed to your browser.  Now, those too are filtered out.  So if you follow a lot of Twitter accounts within your Blyve events, you should see a much cleaner, speedy interface (including those who search on popular terms).

Finally, we optimized a few other things around the pending stream (for those of you with popular events).  We are now caching comments requiring less calls to our servers, which in turn should increase the overall efficiency of your browser’s performance.

In the end, most of these changes should be transparent.  Usually we don’t mention these types of enhancements as they should typically go unnoticed and “just work”.  In this case, we thought we should let you the details as the issue was consumer facing and rather unpleasant.

That’s it for now.  Let us know how things are working, k?

Talk soon…


Feature update: trusted users can now reply with media

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Hi everyone, just a quick feature update for this Friday…

In our recent Blyve 2.5 release we enabled Trusted Users, typically experts you bring in for a Q&A to whom you’d like to assign messages to, to compose new messages with media (either media from their desktop or via Dropbox).  Now, with today’s update, Trusted Users are also able to reply to comments with media.  A picture is worth a thousand words, right?  Sometimes a picture might be a better way to respond to an audience member’s question, if not augment an answer.

That’s about it for today.  We hope you have a great Friday and upcoming weekend.  We’re looking forward to all those Oscar Live Blogs!


Export Event Stats is Now Available to all Blyve Users

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Howdy folks!  We hope you’re all checking out all the Blyve 2.5 features announced yesterday.  So, in addition to all those great features, we have something new to talk about today.  If you have used our new Export Event Data via our brand new “post event report”, you should also know that that data is also now accessible via the Manage tab on your Dashboard.  Even better, you can now export all of your events in one quick step.

How does this work?  Well, via the Manage/Manage Events tab on your Dashboard, select “view stats” for an individual event and then select “Export Event Data”  (this similar to your post event report).  Or, at the very bottom of the page, you can now pick from a set number of events to download into single CSV file (or if your browser doesn’t support the download ability, you’ll see a window come up where you can copy and paste the content into a CSV file via a program like Microsoft Excel).

One last thing:  these stats are not just your event attendee data (attendees, messages, web/mobile, etc).  These stats also include your poll data as well as your ad manager data (if you are a premium user).

We hope you like this improvement!  Drop us a line if you’d like more information or contact us if you’d like a demo of this feature (see below).


Screenshot of the Manage Events page with new stats:

event stats

Blyve 2.5 is now live: Live Map, Pinned Messages, Q&A upgrades, and much more!

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Hi everyone, we’re very excited today to announce Blyve 2.5.  We have been working on this release since October and we believe it’s something to be excited about!  What’s even more exciting is that the majority of the new features are  customer driven…meaning you are looking and finding more and more ways to engage with your audience.  You’d like to plot your attendees on a map?  Sure!  You’d like to pick out specific messages and post those permanently at the top?  Why not?  All in all, thank you for the incredible feedback as we strive to make your live events, live blogs, live chats, Q&A sessions, and all the above the best in the business.

Live Map: map your attendees on a world map!

Our Blyve Premium users now have the ability to add a little extra pizzaz to their events.  When attendees join your Blyve live event, they will be prompted to share their location.  If they do, their location will be grabbed from their browser and plotted on to a world map (see image below).  For anyone concerned about too much location detail, we kept it “high level”, meaning that you can’t zoom in too far.  There’s no reason to see anyone grabbing the mail in their pajamas.


Pinned messages: feature a collection of messages at the top of your event

Have you ever tried to set a message as a status to not only want to set another message as a status?  No, this isn’t a riddle.  The way this worked in Blyve 2.0 is that you could only feature a single message.  With Blyve 2.5 that restriction has gone the way of the dodo.  Now, you can pick and choose as many messages as you’d like by pinning them individually to the top.  Even better, once they’re all nicely in there, you can remove a pin or move a pinned message to the top of the queue.


Post Event Report – have all the details at your fingertips

When you “finish” an event, you will now see a Blyve Post Event report.  Within, you’ll see the usual statistics for your messages as well as your completed poll results.  Additionally, if you’re a Blyve Premium user, we  show you Ad Manager stats and Live Map stats.  Even better, this data is now available as a CSV download (or a copy/paste if your browser doesn’t support the download functionality).

Screen Shot 2014-02-03 at 10.27.09 AM

Updated comment box – new design and new functionality

This update is long overdue.  We’re sorry.  We’ve updated all the comment boxes with minimalistic and clean design.  Apologies and visual improvements aside, you also have the option to choose how the enter button operates as your typing in a comment.  If you’re in the mood to write paragraphs, the enter key adds a new line.  If you’re the type who types short bursts of messages, the enter key acts like a submit button.  The good news is that in either scenario, they shift key along with the enter buttons does the exact opposite.  Confusing?  Just give it a try!


Trusted user image upload:  trusted users can add media to messages

Trusted users, we’ve ben thinking a lot about you.  Part one of your upgrades includes the ability for you to upload images along side of your new comments.  Just like a moderator, you can upload directly from your desktop or by connecting to a Dropbox account.

New image upload icon appears as soon as you’re trusted:

Upload media from your Desktop or via Dropbox:

Message and image ready to be submitted:

Q&A/Assigned Comments Upgrades

Part two of the Trusted Users user upgrades includes enhancements to the assigned comment flow.  What’s that you say?  Well, when moderators decide to “trust” you, they can assign comments to you.  Maybe you’re a celebrity guest during a Q&A session or an expert available to answer audience questions.  In either case, questions assigned to you now work like this:

Assigned comments now appear in the comment area (notice the “3”):Image

Viewing list of assigned comments (notice the reply and decline):Image

Once you reply, your comment is submitted as usual.  What’s new is the “decline”.  When you do that, it is sent back to the moderator as an “unassigned” comment.  FYI, a comment becomes unassigned once everyone it was assigned to declines.

A few other goodies that are worth mentioning:

  1. Assigned comments, when assigned to multiple people, stay in each trusted user’s assigned queue until each individual trusted user either replies or declines
  2. Once a message has been assigned, the message now says to which trusted user(s) it was assigned to

Polls Upgrades:  results, results, and more results!

Polling is by far one of the best tools you can use to engage your audience to determine who they feel or think about what it is your covering.  With that said, we thought you needed a little more information at your fingertips:

  1. Within the polls module, under manage, you can now see how many actual votes a specific answer has received (in real-time of course)
  2. If you are an Enterprise Blyve user, and are using Live Boards, you will now see a filter of live and completed polls (to encourage more voting within actual live polls).

Deleted Comments:  recover comments that have been accidentally deleted

Last but not least, moderators now have the ability to un-delete comments that have been accidentally (or otherwise) deleted.  If the comment was from a moderator, co-moderator, or trusted user, it will automatically go into the live stream.  If it’s from a viewer, it will appear at the top of the pending list.

As with all releases, there are tons of bug fixes, optimizations, and performance enhancements (you’ll find a bunch of those on our Liveboards beta feature).  Over the coming weeks, we’ll do a deep dive into many of these features with a few video demos. Stay tuned to for blog posts, Tweets, Facebook updates, and the like for links to those videos.

Thanks everyone and we hope you can take these features for a spin today!  If you’re interested in a demo, just let us know below.